14 May 2022 •  Report #Education

Chiefmemeister visits Don Bosco College, Panjim


The potential of social media memes is truly huge and hence to motivate the students of Mass Communication, an interactive session on 'The Power of Social Media Memes' was organised on 14 May 2022 by the Department of Mass Communication of Don Bosco College, Panaji. The session was hosted by Mr Dale Dias, a prominent social media personality known for paving the way for raising one's voice through memes in Goa.

A physics teacher who divides his time between enlightening young minds and spreading awareness through memes, Mr Dias He featured in the Marathi daily 'Lokmat,' and Goa Insider's '50 Influential People of 2021.' Currently, he is the founder and manager of the Instagram page @thegoanpao founded in early 2018. His social media family consists of over 35,000 fans on his Instagram handle, 20,000 friends on Facebook, and over a 1000 followers on Twitter. His Instagram page serves a variety of purposes inclusive of sharing memes, pet adoptions, promotions, awareness, cleanup drives, fund-raisers, giveaways, mental health posts, and informative messages. He has also worked with the government in contributing to their online portal 'goabazaar.in.'

The session began with an animated introduction of the speaker by Rowena Rodrigues. During the course of the session, Mr Dias demonstrated through memes, how and why one can and should use social media for the right cause. He also indicated that teamwork and collaboration was equally important. He verbalised, "Learn to collaborate with like-minded people who love to bring about change" as the foundational basis of his pages. Another element that Mr Dias cast light on was how students can raise their voice in little ways, such as questioning the media, emailing organisations, and speaking to people in political power. He asserted, "Social media is a very powerful tool to sell a product, gain an audience, connect with people or promote an event." He also explained why research is important, and why one should do extensive research before spreading awareness about a current affair. Likewise, he exemplified the statement by recalling how he had to consult counsellors before posting content relating to mental health. "People are quick to judge half-news, so that's why it is very important to research," he added.

As the session progressed, Mr Dias elaborated on how the students ought to walk firmly on every tightrope of life and never quit trying. He emphasised on how one should accept change, be consistent, and think creatively, as with some memes, their ideas are just as important as their humour. He also equipped the students to embrace criticism as a stepping stone to improvement. He later conducted a practical activity of meme-making with the students, who threw in a lot of participation, and even more laughs. He proclaimed, "As content creators, it's our job to create content that people will remember".

At the end, he motivated the attendees to shine in their future endeavours. The session culminated with a heartfelt vote of thanks proposed by Ishita Rao and a group photo sporting dozens of smiles.


Christopher D'Souza


A lexophile of sorts, Christopher D’Souza, a first-year student of Mass Communication is driven by a passion for writing. Enamored with the language, his versatile use of it always serves to impress, amuse and entertain those close enough to get a peek into his work.

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