25 March 2021 •  News #Education

Photography Club of Don Bosco College Organizes Session on Photography


The PIXELS Photography Club of Don Bosco College, Panjim, organized a talk on ‘Event and Wildlife Photography’ by Mr. Dexter Dias. A Software Engineer and Photographer, Mr. Dexter Dias has a wide portfolio that covers wildlife, travel & lifestyle, events, portraits and abstract photography. He can be described as driven person who turns reality into beauty.
The session, attended by students of the Mass Communication Department, began with him talking about a few basic terms and concepts of photography. He went on to explain to the students, various styles of composition of a picture frame.
This was followed by a series of photographs taken by him, divided into the categories of travel, event and wildlife. An elaborate exposition of the elements in the photograph, the concept and ideas of composition, benefited students in understanding the process of photography even better. The students learnt that even people who click pictures at random subconsciously follow certain basic rules. He also shared a few anecdotes from his work experiences which made the session very interactive. He encouraged students to use any camera available, a DSLR or a mobile phone to click pictures. He encouraged the students to pursue photography by saying, “Whatever tool you have in the box, use it and have fun!”
The session came to an end with a question round, after which a memento was presented to him by the head of the photography club, Mrs. Nikita Chodankar Dhuri, on behalf of the PIXELS photography club of Don Bosco College, Panjim.

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