Infrastructure & Facilities

Don Bosco College is fully equipped with classrooms, labs, library, media studio, halls, auditorium, multiple indoor and outdoor playgrounds, a hostel, canteen, counselling, prayer and parking facilities. High speed internet, wi-fi facility and modern technology is part of its academic success. Students receive hands on training from the faculty.


Located in the heart of Goa's capital city, Panjim, with everything just a hop and skip away, provides galore of opportunities for building a strong and healthy future. The Don Bosco Campus is always bustling with life and activity and still propagate a quiet and education-oriented environment.

  • Our institution is easily accessible by private and public transport, being situated right in the heart of the city.
  • Ample of parking space is made available for students to park their two-wheelers on campus.
  • The safety of students is of utmost importance and hence the entire institution is under constant CCTV surveillance.
  • This sprawling campus is home to a school, higher secondary, college, hostel and a spiritual Shrine.
  • The cleanliness and greenery that surrounds the institution provides a serene and eco-friendly attraction thus promoting a holistic learning experience for students.

Teaching Facilities

The ongoing COVID pandemic has changed so many things and one of the major changes in the field of education is the shift from off-line, face-to-face classes to an online mode of education. Keeping this in mind, our institution has moved to a complete tech-based platform that enables a smooth shift to online learning.

  • Dedicated classrooms with a computer, LCD projector and WIFI connectivity.
  • The integration of a Learning Management System called ‘Moodle’, which is an online teaching platform that helps reach out to the students, archive lectures, take attendance, assignments and facilitates easy evaluations.
  • We have WIFI enabled classrooms that promote a smooth learning process for the students.
  • Virtual classrooms provide many facilities just as those which are available in the college.
  • Well-equipped labs that can be used by students anytime during college hours facilitates the growth of individual learners.

IT Infrastructure

To stay at the top of your game, the need for adopting and adapting to the latest developments in the education sector is essential. As the world becomes technologically advanced, our students must be enriched with the latest technological infrastructure so as to tackle academic challenges. We have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that the institution and its students benefit from the latest in software and digital tech.

  • Each department has its own dedicated IT lab, fitted with the latest in computer technology.
  • Our computer systems are loaded with updated software that allow students to achieve more than just an academic record. Some of the software that is default to all our lab computers include: Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe InDesign, and other Adobe Suite applications.
  • The computers are also fitted with more than adequate specifications to enable smooth, lag-free performance.
  • Besides our superior lab facilities, all classrooms are fitted with the latest learning tools.
  • With changing ways of learning, it is crucial that our students get nothing but the best. The classrooms are therefore fitted with projector screens, 3-1 surround sound systems, and Wireless internet connections.
  • As self-learning lies at the core of a good student, students are encouraged to use their laptops to access web-based learning platforms besides learning from their teachers.
  • The college library also strikes a balance between traditional and digital means of learning. Enabled with not just books but access to online sources of information and e-libraries ensures that students have access to educational content at any time of the day.

Sports Infrastructure

Character isn’t shaped only in the classroom but is also developed on the field. The holistic development of students demands an all-round approach that we are only too happy to provide. Sporting activities train you, not just in teamwork and discipline but shape you to be better individuals as well.

  • Our sporting infrastructure includes Football, Cricket, and Handball grounds as well as Volleyball, Kabaddi and Tennis courts.
  • Our oratory houses a Basketball and Futsal court along with provisions for games like Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis and Badminton.
  • A Multi-purpose hall to indulge in yoga and aerobics to calm the mind and body.
  • We have a well-equipped gym to help you aspire towards physical well-being.
  • The college also organizes an annual Sports Day- ‘Sportsmania’ - which is an interclass competition, and two major Inter-Collegiate sports events ‘Enthusia’, and ‘Hercules’ every year. After all, we believe that it’s not only the name on the back of the jersey that counts, but the one on the front too.

Media Infrastructure

A strong and active media cell ensures that all memories are immortalized in the archives of time. But what good is a skilled individual without the right tools? This is why we boast some of the latest infrastructure on this front.

  • Equipped with the latest that the camera world has to offer, the DSLRs and 4K-enabled video cameras form part of our Media infrastructure.
  • Students have complete access to equipment and can practice and perfect skills such as photography, film-making and so much more.
  • Don Bosco College also boasts its crowning jewel, the Media Studio. Fitted with some of the latest and most advanced technologies, this studio is ideal for recordings, shows, interviews and helps recreate a complete TV studio atmosphere.
  • Located in a soundproof room, the studio is also fitted with equipment such as Three-Point lighting, Chroma-Screen or Green Screen, Online Video editing tools, Digital Sound Recording technology, LED lights, Video Mixers, Audio Mixers, Teleprompters and so much more.
  • The studio is spacious with well-designed acoustics that mimic the high-end television studios across the state.
  • The college also operates several social media outlets where student talents are presented to the world. 'Don Bosco TV' the Youtube channel of the institution showcases a students’ segment called ‘Campus Notes’ which enables students to visualize and execute any kind of content they desire, making use of the studio and its facilities.


Library is a springboard to the future. The more you spend time in it today, the more you will benefit later. Our vast library has thousands of books for you to read, to study, to research and have an extra edge over the others. It is also a place for ideation, planing and execution. Relax as you read and enjoy the friendship of your favourite authors.

  • The committee checks into the arrangements of the library.
  • It also checks into the book allotment department wise.


The mind is a powerful tool but it is the spirit that governs how that mind is used. This is why fostering a sense of spirituality in students lies at the crux of our beliefs. What initially began with a focus on religious values now emphasizes knowledge-based and information-oriented education which helps impart a strong sense of values and morals into young minds. After all, how one explores spirituality will always guide the way they think and act.

  • An annual 2-day retreat for the Catholic students amidst the green and quiet village of Old Goa. At the same time, a two-day session for the students of other faiths.
  • A shrine dots the entrance of the college, a welcoming abode to all who seek to attain peace and spend time with themselves in prayer.
  • A Eucharistic celebration at the beginning and end of every year to invoke God’s blessings forms an integral part of the Don Bosco system of education.
  • For further spiritual development, the institution has a number of priests who are always available for spiritual guidance for those in need.

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