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NSS volunteers introduced to waste management

QUICK BITE - A session on Solid Waste Management and Sustainability was organised for the NSS unit of Don Bosco College, panjim on 4th April 2022 to create awareness and protect our mother earth.

On 4 April 2022, the NSS unit of Don Bosco College, Panjim, organised a session for its volunteers on ‘Solid Waste Management and Sustainability.’ The host for the day, Ms Tannniya Kirtani of FY BAMC began by introducing the renowned speakers, Ms Shraddha Rangnekar and Mr Vignesh Shinde both of whom are specialists in the field and work to create awareness and protect our mother earth.
Ms Rangnekar is the recipient of the prestigious Power Business Excellence Award 2019 for 'Best Social Entrepreneur' while Mr Shinde is the initiator of the NoSUP Campaign in Goa, which was achieved as a Team at Arannya Environment Research Organization that conducts awareness sessions at schools and colleges.

The session began with Mr Shinde shedding light on the plight of the environment and its habitat drastically affected by overpopulation, industrial developments, etc. He also stated that we are slaves of our conveniences and this results in the laziness of not segregating our garbage which threatens the earth. The two videos that were screened emphasised how animals suffer serious injuries and even death, due to improper segregation of waste and dumping of waste in the water bodies. The audience was deeply moved by the incident of a sea turtle that was entangled in the nets. He ended his presentation by sharing the estimated amount of plastic used every day and the solutions one can adapt to reduce this by focussing on the 5R’s – Reuse, Recycle, Reduce, Refuse, Rethink.

Ms Rangnekar in her presentation highlighted how citizens need to recycle plastic keeping in mind the 5R’s. She stressed on the importance of using less plastic items by refusing to accept plastic packings while bringing attention to the urgent need to segregate dry and wet waste.
The talk was educative and an eye opening one that left the volunteers pondering upon the consequences that result from the carelessness of man. The session ended with a vote of thanks proposed by Ms Analiese Ferrao, FY BAMC. As the day ended, the host reminded everyone of Mahatma Gandhi’s words that each and every volunteer can be the change that they desire to see in the world.


Joswalt Noronha


Joswalt Noronha is a first year student of Mass Communication. He likes to portray the discovery of nature's feelings and beauty through his words. He is fond of photography, beats and enjoys a variety of sports.

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