25 April 2022 •  Report #

Explore the Ethnicity of Shivanath through an Eco-Heritage Trip


The students of SY BBA (Travel & Tourism) in collaboration with the Heritage and Ecotiva club organised an eco-heritage trip to the beautiful village of Shiroda on 23 April 2022 as part of their group assignment. The trip was meant to explore the ethnicity of Shiroda, which houses the most famous temples, a beautiful church and the natural plantations.

The road map was created by the group very efficiently. The first place of visit was the Borim Bridge which has a history attached to it, followed by the visits to the religious places like Kamakshi Temple, Mandaleshwar Temple and St. Joseph’s Church. The last visit for the day was the tropical spice farm where students and staff were guided through the entire property by the efficient farm staff, explaining details of all the spices and its arrangements.

This heritage trip was attended by almost 70 students. The students of Mass Communication and Social Work were also a part of the trip which included Heritage Club members along with faculty members Gilbert Mendes, Twinkle Fernandes, Anaita D’Costa, Siddhi Bondre and Glenda Mascarenhas.

Every place had a story to tell. Goa is well- known for its sea sun and sand but not all visit the beautiful villages which have an expanse of history, heritage and culture. This trip emphasised more on the concept of village tourism and to introduce these innovative localised ideas in the tourism industry.

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