08 February 2023 •  Report #Environment

Session on Waste Segregation at Source


The Ecotiva club of Don Bosco College, Panjim invited Mr, Ferdin Sylvester, domain expert in solid waste management and circular economy approaches on 8 February 2023 to deliver a session on waste segregation at source. The session was organised by TERI in association with CCP, Panjim under the circular waste solutions project, hosted by the club. Mr Ferdin Syvester said that India is a poster child of waste.

Mr Sylvester stressed on five concepts namely, of zero waste, greenhouse gas emissions, waste generation statistics on every day basis, ocean plastic pathways. 'Waste management at source' rightly said. Source reduction, also known as waste prevention, means reducing waste at the source, and is the most environmentally preferred strategy. As we all know municipal solid waste is posing a great threat which surpasses local, regional boundaries with mounting waste from various sources. There is an urgent need to transition from the traditional economy mode (take-make-dispose) and adopt widely accepted sustainable alternatives such as waste analysis and circular economy approaches.

Mr Sylvester urged the students to reduce waste at source, have a circular economy approach to waste management and live a sustainable lifestyle. With his experience of years in this field, Mr Sylvester was very insightful through his session. The session ended with a note on 'There is no such thing as '˜away'. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.'

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