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Fostering the spirit of exploration and learning: DBC students organise a series of talks on Media Laws


In a remarkable display of academic excellence, the Third Year students of the Dept. of Mass Communication of Don Bosco College, Panjim, organised a series of captivating talks from July to September 2023. These talks were designed to enhance awareness and knowledge on various topics relating to their curriculum subject, Media Laws. The event proved to be a great platform for students to delve into the recent developments in the media industry.
The students were divided into five groups; each assigned a specific topic based on the syllabus. The objective was to explore and present the subject matter in an engaging and informative manner. The talks aimed to not only increase awareness among students but also develop their understanding of the intricacies and challenges faced in the media industry today. The organisers of the event left no stone unturned and ensured that the talks were conducted with utmost professionalism. To achieve this, they invited respected individuals from relevant fields who possessed incredible knowledge and expertise. These distinguished speakers brought a wealth of experience; enriching the sessions and leaving a lasting impact on the attendees.

One of the notable speakers was PI Vidyanand Pawar, an expert in the field of Cyber Fraud. His talk shed light on the rising threat of cyber crime and the measures that individuals and organisations can take to protect themselves from such fraudulent activities. The students were captivated by his insights and practical tips to stay safe in the digital realm. Advocate Swati Kamat Wagh, another esteemed speaker, who addressed the topic, Right to Information (RTI). With her in-depth understanding of the subject, she emphasised the importance of this fundamental right in a democratic society. Her talk inspired students to utilise this tool effectively and advocate for transparency and accountability in various spheres of life.
Two other speakers, Advocate Sonali Frias and Advocate Pearl Remedios, delved into the crucial issue of sexual harassment of women at workplace. Their talk highlighted the legal framework and preventive measures that can be employed to create a safe and inclusive work environment. The students were encouraged to be proactive in addressing such issues and to be catalysts for change in society. Next in line of the talk series was Mr. Prakash Kamat, a renowned journalist, who shared his insights on the topic of Live Reporting. His talk shed light on the ethical challenges faced in the media industry and the importance of responsible reporting. The students were intrigued by his experiences and the impact of journalism on society. And lastly they had Mr. Frederick Noronha, an expert in media literacy. He explored the topic of fake and fabricated news. His talk provided valuable insights into the prevalence of misinformation and the role of media consumers in combating it. The students were empowered with tools to critically analyse news sources and distinguish between credible and unreliable information.

The series of talks organised by the Third Year students of Mass Communication received an overwhelming positive feedback from both the students and the faculty of the college. The initiative not only met the requirements of the syllabus but it also fostered a spirit of learning and exploration among the students. It provided them a platform to interact with the experts and gain valuable insights into the practical aspects of media laws. Overall, the series of talks proved to be an enriching experience, equipping students with a deeper understanding of media laws and their practical implications. It served as a testament to the power of education and the importance of continuous learning in the ever-evolving media industry.

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