07 October 2023 •  Report #Career

Career guidance session held at DBC Panjim


A career guidance session was organised by the Placement Cell of Don Bosco College, Panjim, under the guidance of Assistant Professor Nigel Barreto on October 7, 2023 . This session centered on the myriad career and educational opportunities awaiting students in Europe and Canada. The organisation entrusted with engaging and enlightening the students was the Immigration Consultant, a renowned entity specialising in immigration services, educational prospects, and job placement endeavors within the realms of Europe and Canada.
The session's focal point was Shwetali Machado, a distinguished representative of her company. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, she passionately elucidated how students could harness various resources and facilities to embark on their international educational journeys. Machado's comprehensive talk spanned essential topics, including scholarship options, financing through loans, and the overall costs associated with studying abroad.

Following the informative presentation, the session transitioned into a dynamic and engaging Question and Answer segment. Students hailing from diverse academic backgrounds, including BBA, Travel and Tourism, BCA, and BMC streams, actively participated. This segment served as a platform for students to voice their inquiries, seek clarifications, and share the challenges they anticipated in pursuing overseas education and careers.
Machado, with her expertise and affable demeanor, provided insightful responses, alleviating the concerns of the inquisitive students. Her interactive dialogue fostered a sense of camaraderie and trust between the students and the Immigration Consultant, making the prospect of international study and career opportunities seem more accessible and achievable.

As the session drew to a close, Machado extended her hand of assistance further by providing detailed information about her organisation's services and how interested students could readily avail themselves of these valuable resources. She emphasized the importance of staying connected and encouraged students to reach out whenever they wished to explore the plethora of opportunities and support offered by the Immigration Consultant.
In essence, the career guidance session organised by Don Bosco College's Placement Cell, spearheaded by Assistant Professor Nigel Barreto and featuring the eloquent insights of Shwetali Machado, proved to be an invaluable opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding of their prospects in Europe and Canada. It not only shed light on the possibilities but also paved the way for students to overcome challenges on their path to international education and career fulfillment.

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