10 October 2023 •  Report #

The Art of Street Play


The students of FYBBA performed a series of Streetplays on 6 Oct in Don Bosco College Panjim under the guidance of Assistant professor, Alisha Nicole Carvalho. They depicted topics such as Violence against Women and Sexual Abuse Of Students.
The exercise tested students' teamwork and creativity. Students provided important and sensitive social messages which were made easy to understand for the audience.
Students wrote original scripts based on the topics given to them and performed it brilliantly on the stage. Narrators told the story and performers sang and acted perfectly in sync which made it easier for the audience to relate to the story and connect with it. They also made use of various musical instruments and props. Some students followed the script and while others improvised on the spot.
Four street plays were performed by a group of 9-10 students. The performance was attended by approximately 40 students of FYBBA. The plays were informative and entertaining.

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