11 October 2023 •  Report #

Celebrating the Girl Child in Media Style


The Filmatics Club of Don Bosco College, Panjim, organised a film screening that celebrated 'International Girl Child Day' with the theme 'Empower Her' on 11th of October 2023. The purpose of the event focused on the empowerment of a girl child.

The film screening began with poem recitations written and read by Devonna Gomes, Taaniya Kirtani and Mario Pimenta followed by a stand-up comedy act by Chinmaya Damodlekar and Yaseer Beig and the display of posters made by Siya Chodankar, Sharvi Dhond and Cayfel Almeida. Through poems, comedy and posters, students addressed various social issues and stereotypes, encouraging the audience to think about gender roles and biases. Filmatics Club in-charge, Professor Sonika Lotlikar delivered a powerful message emphasizing the importance of respecting women and using the right language when addressing a woman. Her words inspired the audience to reconsider their language choices and work towards creating a more respectful and equal society. Students Anlisa Rodrigues, Anita Choudhary and Priyanka J presented a thought-provoking PSA on the topic of Woman Empowerment. Their video emphasized the significance of nurturing and protecting girls. The event featured a teaser interview with Professor Sonika shedding light on her thoughts regarding women empowerment in the field of media, her journey and her ups and downs in the business. She further emphasized the need for gender equality and the role women play in shaping the world in the field of media. The interaction was followed by a screening of the movie 'Skater girl' directed by Manjari Makijany.
The event successfully conveyed the message of women's empowerment and the importance of respect for women in our society. It brought together a variety of talents and perspectives to encourage meaningful conversations and actions in support of these issues. The event left a lasting impression on the audience, motivating them to be agents of positive change in their communities and beyond.

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