14 October 2023 •  Report #Environment

Ecotiva Celebrates International E-Waste Day


SYBBA students in collaboration with Ecotiva Club organised an e-waste collection drive on 14 October in Don Bosco College Panjim to celebrate International E-Waste Day.
Every year it is celebrated to reflect on the impacts of e-wastes and recycling it for a better future. Each year a lot of e-waste is generated, harming the environment.
Ecotiva Teacher in Charge, Glenda Mascarenhas and Don Bosco College Panjim are concerned for the environment and have been part of such initiatives in the past.
They collected power cords/cables, servers, routers, switches, power supplies, batteries, hard disks, adapters, mobile phones, computer parts as well as various other e-wastes which were donated by the eco conscious students.
Environment Secretary, Mohit Murgaonkar urged the Ecotiva club members and college students to bring old electronics from their home to support the eco efforts and make a positive impact together.
A lot of e-waste was collected and sent for recycling contributing significantly in reducing e-waste and protecting the environment.
The collection drive is still ongoing and will end on the day of the Diwali break.
The was inspiring and student centric.


Mario Pimenta


Mario, a second year Mass Communication student, likes to write and is ambitious and often aim to create unique ideas and concepts. Is always curious and desire to experience something new.

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