16 October 2023 •  Report #Education

Editing, The Filmatics Style


DBC Club Filmatics organised an exciting editing workshop by veteran editor, director and filmmaker, Vardhan Dhaimodkar on 16 October 2023 at the IT Lab on campus. The workshop gave students the opportunity to unlock their editing skills and master them.
Filmatics club incharge, Assistant professor Sonika Lotlikar welcomed the students and introduced Dhaimodkar. She also screened a short video showing a glimpse of his professional life and accomplishments.
Stating that he wants the session as educational as possible, he spoke of the importance of planning and realistic budgeting without which a lot of money and time would be wasted.He also informed students about data management, various work file formats and the workflow of offline editing including the VFX, music and sound design. Dhaimodkar instructed students about using editing software such as Premiere Pro, DaVinci Code, FCP7 and Avid.
He then screened ‘Andhere Mein’, a film he edited for his student diploma, where he experimented with edits to provide learning experience. He also spoke about playback,montage and dialogue, the role of editors in cutting and selecting the shots to set the mood and graph of the movie. He highlighted the importance of choosing which shots should be cut and which should not.
Assistant professor Sonika Lotlikar thanked Dhaimodkar and said the session was fruitful for the young aspiring editors. The resource person was presented with a token of appreciation.


Mario Cedric Pimenta


Mario, a second year Mass Communication student, likes to write and is ambitious and often aim to create unique ideas and concepts. Is always curious and desire to experience something new.

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