18 October 2023 •  Report #

Literature Fair at DBC


A literature fair was organized for the students of F.Y B.A as an initiative under the courses, Soft Skills, and Introduction to English Literature on 18th October 2023 at the Don Bosco College, Panjim. The event was coordinated by Elroy A. S. Rebello, Assistant Professor in English.

There were eight groups of students who created models which effectively represented poems, short stories and novels like Mending Walls by Robert Frost, The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry, and The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, among others. The activity was aimed at developing team spirit and other interpersonal skills along with a comprehensive knowledge of the assigned text. The students displayed their creative and technical skills by creating various models from waste material, modeling clay, etc. Each group provided an oral presentation of their model which dealt with various aspects of the text and how the activity added to their learning experience.

"The literature fair allowed the students to showcase their creativity, encourage collaboration with other students and deepen their understanding of the text." said Lizanne M. Joseph, a participant at the Literature Fair.

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