02 February 2024 •  Report #Annual Program

Don Bosco College rolls up the curtains for Meteora 2024: Parade into Paradise!


Meteora is the flagship event of Don Bosco College. Don Bosco College is renowned for organizing grand and vibrant events whether it might be inter-class, inter-departmental or even intercollegiate. These events create opportunities for students from within the college and across the state of Goa. The one event that takes steals the spotlight every year is, Meteora! This flagship event of Don Bosco College, conducted for 2 days, aims to bring in students across the state to showcase their talent. Meteora has been the highlight event of Don Bosco College, for the past 17 years and has excelled time after time, year
after year. The memories created throughout the event resonate with its success.
Meteora creates a platform for students across the state to showcase and challenge their talents and abilities. Last year the theme for Meteora was “Summer Spectrum” which brought in the ecstatic colors and all the vibrancy of the cultural fest. Every team that participated gave in their 100% for the win which displayed in the success of Meteora: 2023. This year we raised the bar higher than before by announcing the most creative theme there is, “Parade into paradise” which included the entire carnival circus extravaganza on 1 and 2 February.

The first day of Meteora began with the colleges arriving at the Don Bosco Oratory and registering their teams. As everyone assembled in the oratory, at about 9:30 am the inaugural of the event took place by Our Chief Guest Sanjay Amonkar alongside our Director, Rev. Fr. Joaquim Lobo, our principal, Dr Cedric Silveira and our Faculty in charge of Meteora 2024, Sir Shantanu Arlekar. We also had with us this year’s Meteora chairperson. Aaron Fernandes, Meteora vice chairperson, Maanya Kalkundri, our
General secretary, Sakshi Kittur and our cultural secretary, Sarah Cabral.
With the conclusion of the inaugural, the first onstage event of the day began which was “Mystique March” (Ice Breaker) which set the tone for the rest of the event, and everyone got into a lively and positive mood. The ice breaker helped create a sense of camaraderie among the different colleges taking present for Meteora. The teams were allotted their circus carnival-themed topic as per their team names and introduced themselves creatively. Following the Ice breaker was the “Curtain Quest: Drama’s Best”, this event bought out the comedic persona of the participants as they performed on pre-recorded audio along with relevant backdrops. Post lunch, the on-stage events included “Funk It Up” where teams created a melodious and fun display of their musical talents and how can we forget “Whirls and Twirls”,the participants performed captivating, graceful and precise routines and were a treat to watch. There were amazing off-stage events such as “Flag-Tastic Splash” where our participants showed their creativity on an ordinary white cloth, “Masked in Mystery” and “The Walk of Art” where the participants created masterpieces under the same theme for the fashion show event which was to be held on Day 2.
For our athletic participants, we hosted events such as “Fit to be Fit”, “Battle of the Beasts”, “The Resilient Rumble” and the finals of the Futsal.

Day 2 of Meteora began with on-stage events such as “Live up to the Beat” where the participants choreographed amazing routines of 3 minutes from the selected songs Following this Lip-Sync Battle was “Stress Round” in which participants had to present irrational PowerPoint presentations on the spot as the judges questioned them to judge them based on their capacity to handle the stress. Post lunch, we had the commencement of the “Fantasy Carnival Realms” where the participants were assigned different themes, all following the particular main theme “Realms” it is here that the audiences were in absolute awe of the creativity that was presented by their peers and different colleges the masks and shoes that were painted as part of the off-stage events on Day 1. The last two rounds of “Mr & Miss Meteora” were held where each participant performed a ramp walk and introduced themselves and were later asked questions and were evaluated based on persona, attitude, and promptness. Alongside on-stage events, off-stage events such as “Graffiti Jam” where the participant was to create artwork that was original and solely for this event, “Ridicule, Revel and Rumble” in this event participants were to engage in an illogical debate on a topic which was provided on the spot with a preparation time of 3 minutes, “Carnival Sketch-A-Palooza” in this participants brought the carnival atmosphere of Meteora on paper with each stroke that spoke of their artistic expression and of course “Hunt It Down!” where a team of 3 participants embarked on an exciting adventure around the Don Bosco College campus as with the help of clues, tasks and riddles were lead to discover hidden treasures. Our participating teams also engaged in sports events such as
“Last Stop at Meteora” where participants played “Red Light Green Light” but with a little Meteora twist as this game included special commands, “The Resilient Rumble” the event where they were judged based on their resilience when the challenges they have to face push their limits and whether or not they can remain creative despite the pressure on them, “Arm Wrestling Mayhem” being the showdown of utmost strength in our participants. Our events ended with “Rhythm Rumble” the final event for the day
where the DJs played 7 minutes of 7 songs minimum without the use of mashups or pre-mixed tracks, the participants for this event were judged based on their technical ability, creativity, originality and above all the stage presence and Audience impact. Soon after the event we began with the valedictory. The team that received the overall runners up position was, Big Top Titans (St Xaviers College) but the team that made it stole the show and won the entire event was, Clown crew (Dhempo College).

Both days were extremely electrifying and fun-filled like many of Don Bosco's events but being the flagship event of Don Bosco College, Meteora carries its own magic and charm every year which puts its hosting as well as other participating colleges on their feet. Events like Meteora only add to the amazing and preserved image of Don Bosco College.

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