07 February 2024 •  Report #

SEMINAR for BBA students by Empirical Academy


On February 7, 2024, an investor awareness program on commodity derivatives in the NCDEX-IPFT market was conducted for SYBBA and TYBBA students of the Department of Business Administration. The event, organized under the guidance of Assistant Professors Dr. Cedric Silveira and Nigel Barreto, featured Mr. Pravin Dhuri as the main speaker. Mr. Dhuri, an expert and specialist trainer in SEBI compliances from the Imperial Academy of Mumbai, took center
stage to enlighten the students.

The primary focus of the session revolved around the intricacies of financial and commodity markets. Under the financial markets umbrella, discussions delved into the capital market, debt market, and forex market. Shifting gears to the commodity market, attention was directed towards both the spot market and derivatives market. A comprehensive exploration of these markets provided students with valuable insights into their functioning and significance. As the session progressed, Mr. Dhuri meticulously covered various types of contracts, with a particular emphasis on future and option contracts. The significance of these contracts within the broader financial and commodity landscape was elucidated, offering students a practical
understanding of their roles and implications.

The program also dedicated time to unraveling the features of SEBI, the regulatory authority overseeing securities and exchange in India. Insights into SEBI's role, functions, and regulatory
measures were presented to enhance the students' understanding of the regulatory framework governing financial markets. In the final segment, the discussion turned towards navigating the SEBI website, providing students with practical knowledge on accessing vital information. This aspect was particularly crucial as it empowered the students with the tools to stay informed and engaged with the regulatory landscape.
Overall, the investor awareness program proved to be a comprehensive and enlightening session, equipping SYBBA and TYBBA students with practical knowledge and insights into the dynamic realms of financial and commodity markets, regulatory compliance, and the workings of SEBI.

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