05 March 2024 •  Report #Education

Fostering Mental Resilience


On March 5, 2024, the Department of Business Administration at the Goa Livelihood Forum played host to a pivotal mental health awareness session, orchestrated by Assistant Professors Dr. Cedric Silveira, Mr. Nigel Barreto, Rukma Kanolkar and Valerie Carvalho. Distinguished speakers, Mr. Ssyed Maroof Hassan and Mr. Vaibhav Madhani, took center stage during this enlightening event.
The session, , revolved around a multifaceted exploration of stress in both professional and personal realms. The speakers passionately addressed the diverse types of stressors that manifest in individuals' lives. Following this, they shifted the focus to underscore the significance of maintaining optimal physical health and its direct correlation with mental well-being. Practical strategies for achieving this equilibrium were discussed, encompassing essential aspects such as ensuring sufficient sleep, adopting a nutritious diet, and incorporating regular exercise into daily routines.
The discourse seamlessly transitioned to addressing the specific challenges faced by students in navigating stress, both in their daily lives and in meeting demanding deadlines. The speakers not only delved into practical coping mechanisms but also emphasized the importance of nurturing confidence as a formidable tool in stress management.

A key thematic element woven into the session was the vital role of emotional well-being. The speakers expounded on the importance of fostering robust social connections and relationships, recognizing these as integral components of maintaining a healthy mental state.
As a proactive measure, a concluding highlight of the event was the introduction of a QR code. This innovative tool was provided to the students, offering a direct avenue to connect with counselors whenever the need arose. This tech-savvy approach aimed to facilitate immediate and convenient access to support services, embodying a forward-thinking commitment to the holistic well-being of the Department of Business Administration's students.

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