Institutional Policy

Don Bosco College has established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities. They provide guidance to members in a number of academic areas. The College has regular maintenance and periodic replenishment of essential facilities.
College policy is to have effective mechanism for the upkeep of the infrastructure and other facilities as to have optimum utilization of the facilities in order to have effective college functioning.

Promotion of Research Policy


An essential component of Don Bosco College, Panjim, is to create and sustain an atmosphere of research, inquiry and innovation among students and faculty and contribute to societal upliftment. The purpose of this policy is to create excellence in research by establishing procedures for the conduct of research and to promote applied research and innovation.

The objectives are as follows:

  • To promote research and innovation

  • To ensure integrity, quality and ethics in research

  • To facilitate national and international research partnerships and collaboration

  • To encourage consultancy and industry collaborations

Promotion of Research and Innovation

This policy will extend to all persons conducting research and partaking in innovation activities under the auspices of the College

The college grants freedom to the students and faculty :

  • To carry out research in their chosen field

  • To report their findings and conclusions freely

The college operates policies to provide a conducive environment for research, by allocating the space, facilities and other resources for research programmes based on scholarly and educational merits of the proposed research. The policy of the college is to provide the best possible resources so as to encourage research.

In this regard, the college aims to provide the staff and students opportunities to:

  • Attend seminars/workshops /expert talks/Faculty development programmes and enhance their research skills

  • Scholarships for deserving students to engage in research activities
  • Tie up with organizations/Associations so as to get the know-how and aid in research activities

  • Publish papers in UGC Care journals

  • Promote attending and presenting of research papers conferences by bearing the costs

Funds for Research

On the basis of student intake, the funds will be worked out in the following manner.

  • Part of cash inflow from the fees of students

  • Grants from individuals, philanthropist

  • Interest from corpus funds

  • Alumni funding

  • Sponsorships

  • Tie ups with associations/ organizations like FIIRE to promote research

In addition, the funds kept for this purpose shall be utilised for:

  • Purchase of books required for research activities.

  • Registration charges for attending seminars /workshops etc.

  • Registration charges to present papers of research at conferences.

  • Any other expenses involved while tying up with organizations.

Policy Statements:

1. Research Areas:
College seeks and accepts research proposals where these undertakings have strong potential for practical learning experiences for students, to enhance instructor knowledge, or contribute to the social, cultural, or economic well-being of society.
2. Research Schemes:
College recognizes the need to groom young faculty and students into research. College shall promote research schemes targeting privileged groups like young faculty, women and students. College shall arrange funds from its budget or from funding agencies. The Principal and Manager shall conceive and administer these schemes
3. Identification of Thrust areas:
Although the researchers have the freedom to choose their own topics for research, it is highly desirable to make research socially relevant .The college expects the different departments to have a thrust area of research, with a view to be focused in their efforts.
4. Seed money for research:
The college will provide administrative and financial assistance to submit research projects to external agencies.
5. Research Projects:
The faculty can submit a research project to any government or non-government agency. The college encourages students and faculty to report findings from a research project either as a publication or a patent.
6. Publication of Papers in Journals:
Faculty are expected to publish their research in referenced national and international journals. It is expected that the journals are indexed in SCOPUS or are listed in UGC- Care.
7. Patent and IPR:
The college encourages its research community to file for patents arising from their work. The college shall create awareness about intellectual property rights among faculty, researchers and scholars from time to time.
8. Collaborative National and International Research:
The college encourages its faculty to conduct collaborative research with their peers from reputed national and international Universities and Institutions. The University may also sign MOUs with Organizations involved in research work for conducting research.
9. Workload and Incentives:
a. College recognizes research activities and scholarly work associated with applied research and innovation and considers such activities as workload assigned to faculty keeping in mind the normal workload associated with those individuals.
b. College extends various incentives to faculty actively participating in research activities, but not limited to
i. Certificate of appreciation and a cash award of Rs 3000/- for each paper published in refereed/Scopus Indexed journals
ii. Certificate of appreciation and a cash award of Rs 10000/- for each paper published in SCI journals
iii. One special cumulative increment for every five lakh rupees, or part thereof, of research grant secured from external funding agencies
iv. Reimbursement of registration fee for presentation of research papers in national conferences, to the extent of Rs 5000 per faculty per academic year
v. The College shall institute annual Best Research Paper award with a cash prize of Rs 10000/-
10. Compliance and Safeguards:
College and its researchers shall comply with all relevant policies of the College and any funding body as well as all legal requirements. College provides safeguards, as is reasonably practicable, to protect the sensitive and confidential information entrusted to it and abides by funding agency data protection requirements as determined in any agreements entered into between College and funding agency
11. Research Misconduct:
Research Misconduct is defined as any fabrication, falsification or plagiarism in proposing, performing or reviewing research or in reporting results of research. Research misconduct does not include an honest error or difference of opinion. The college believes that the occurrence of misconduct is a threat to the basic principles of research. The college shall put in place a mechanism for taking action on all allegations of misconduct and shall ensure that the procedures for the integrity, investigation and adjudication of any misconduct are well defined and just for all parties involved.
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