Institutional Policy

Don Bosco College has established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities. They provide guidance to members in a number of academic areas. The College has regular maintenance and periodic replenishment of essential facilities.
College policy is to have effective mechanism for the upkeep of the infrastructure and other facilities as to have optimum utilization of the facilities in order to have effective college functioning.

Seed Money Grants for Research


Don Bosco College works to provide a suitable environment to encourage and stimulate faculty and students to undertake research and extension activities in order to promote an environment of learning.
Under the research policy, the college aims:

  • To promote research and innovation

  • To ensure integrity, quality and ethics in research

  • To facilitate national and international research partnerships and collaboration

  • To encourage consultancy and industry collaborations

In facilitating this, the College has undertaken the following tasks:

  • Creating a budget at the start of the academic year to ensure that funding of faculty and student research can be met

  • Providing seed money to faculty for conducting research

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